Monday, July 2, 2018

St Patrick's school celebrates the Holy Spirit Strand and presents their learning at the annual Parent/Parish evening last Tuesday night.

The annual Parent/Parish evening was a great success where the children were able to showcase their learning about the Holy Spirit Strand at their level. After the liturgy, run by the Y7/8 students, we had Pikorua Hub sing several songs - Holy Spirit Rock, and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Then followed a video by Timata and Room 1 children who each told us what the Holy Spirit meant to them. Room 12's drama of Pentecost was followed by Room 9 &10 singing "Holy Spirit fill Me Up". The end of night finished with Room 11's game show - Who wants to be a millionaire? with all the questions based on the Year 7 Holy Spirit Strand. We would like to thank the adults contestants who were happy to put themselves out there to try and answer the questions. 
It was a great night and the amazing artwork will stay in the church foyer for the next few weeks.

Y7/8 Young Vinnies present Msgr Trevor with a box of toiletries for the homeless.

Friday, May 18, 2018


Y7/8 visit Hamilton Cathedral and stay overnight at the Catholic marae, Hui Te Rangiora

Y7/8 students attended Sunday mass and received a blessing from Msgr Trevor before heading off to Hamilton, where they visited the Cathedral and were given the tour by Andrea Savage. We were fortunate to have Bishop Steve join us for the tour. Bishop Steve invited Tama to sit in his chair - maybe we have a future Bishop in the making? Later we were able to view the newly refurbished Chapel - the students enjoyed sitting in the nun's stalls. The following day after attending NYLD we headed to Auckland where Holy Trinity School, Takanini joined us for a sleepover at Kelly Tarlton's.





Friday, May 11, 2018

Winnings used to purchase another Caritas gift "School is Cool"

The Y7/8 Lit Quiz team came third in the Waikato Regional Competition and used part of their winnings to add to the range of Caritas gifts they purchased with the money they raised from Cardboard City. 
Cardboard City monies purchased the following gifts - four "Feed a Family", five "Safe Place to Stay" and 12 "School is Cool."
Lit Quiz added another "School is Cool" taking the total to 13!

Bishop Steve pops in to talk to the Y7/8 students about the Ascension.

Pikorua Hub celebrate Mother's Day

Pikorua Hub Mother's Day morning tea held in the church cafe

Msgr Trevor sings a blessing over the mothers, grandmothers and aunties, who attended Pikorua Hub Mother's Day morning tea, on Thursday in the church cafe.

Y7/8 Young Vinnies visit Monte Vista.

Y7/8 Young Vinnies visited Monte Vista to perform for the elderly residents for Mother's Day. They sang, told jokes, and played the violin. Congratulations to Maddie and Isabella for organising the trip.