Friday, April 10, 2020

Msgr Trevor used the following three pieces of writing from our Y7/8 students as part of his Good Friday homily.

The Crucifixion of Jesus from a different perspective

By Misha

I was lifted from the cold damp floor. I could hear the shouts of nearby people. We reached the peak of Skull Hill. There was a strange man laid on a cross, above his head was a sign. Saying INRI “Jesus of Nazareth, king of Jews”. Fright came over me. As I was lowered to the hand of my saviour I could see marks of pain covering his body. Trying to push against the powerful forge, it was no use. I pierced through his healing hands, I tasted his bittersweet blood. I knew the world would be forever changed. I am nail!

By Susannah

Slowly, the guard holding me proceeded up the hill of Crucifixion to perform a brutal task. We were about to witness the tragedy of death. Usually,  after someone was crucified I was thrust into their side, to guarantee their death. We arrived at the top. I watched as the man on the cross, cried out, then lowered his head. The light left his eyes. Suddenly, I was drawn back then thrust into the skin. My owner dropped to his knees, realizing that he had witnessed the death of Christ. I felt numb, as I dropped onto the sin-ridden gravel below. I am lance!

By Katie

I felt a cold hand grab me out of a container. It was so cold I started to freeze! I’m flipped around on my head. Suddenly, I felt something striking my head, making it boiling hot. While my head was pounding my dark grey sharp and pointy foot was slowly going through something. It was like quicksand, I just kept sinking into it. Pop! Bones broke!  Blood ran down my iron body. A massive loud crack split the air. I was through the other side. I had pierced someone’s wrist! I am nail!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Let us think of others and let us find ways to be the loving embrace of God and our neighbour during this time.

Prayer for a Pandemic
by Cameron Wiggins Bellm
May we who are merely inconvenienced,
remember those whose lives are at stake.
May we who have no risk factors
remember those most vulnerable.
May those who have the luxury of working from home
remember those who must choose
between preserving their health or making their rent.
May those who have the flexibility
to care for our children when schools close
remember those who have no options.
May we who have to cancel trips
remember those who have no safe place to go.
May we who are losing our margin money
in the tumult of the economic market
remember those who have no margin at all.
May those who settle for quarantine at home
remember those who have no home.
As fear grips our country,
let us choose love during this time
when we cannot physically wrap our arms around each other,
let us find ways to be the loving embrace to God and our neighbour.

St Patrick's Day Tabloid Sports organsied and run by Y6 students.

On Tuesday we celebrated St Patrick's Day with a "Green Eggs & Ham" breakfast. A big thank you to Msgr Trevor, senior youth leaders - Emma & Ryan Carroll, Joseph Craggs and Harry Patrick - and Chris McGeough for helping make the breakfast. The green eggs were outstanding!!

A poem by Father Richard Hendricks expresses the current world issues in a beautiful way.

Yes, there is fear.
Yes, there is isolation.
Yes, there is panic buying.
Yes, there is sickness.
Yes, there is even death.
They say that in Wuhan after so many years of noise
You can hear the birds again.
They say that after just a few weeks of quiet
The sky is no longer thick with fumes
But blue and grey and clear.
They say that in the streets of Assisi
People are singing to each other
across the empty squares,
keeping their windows open
so that those who are alone
may hear the sounds of family around them.
They say that a hotel in the West of Ireland
Is offering free meals and delivery to the housebound.
Today a young woman I know
is busy spreading fliers with her number
through the neighbourhood
So that the elders may have someone to call on.
Today Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples
are preparing to welcome
and shelter the homeless, the sick, the weary
All over the world people are slowing down and reflecting
All over the world people are looking at their neighbours in a new way
All over the world, people are waking up to a new reality
To how big we really are.
To how little control we really have.
To what really matters.
To Love.
So we pray and we remember that
Yes, there is fear.
But there does not have to be hate.
Yes, there is isolation.
But there does not have to be loneliness.
Yes, there is panic buying.
But there does not have to be meanness.
Yes, there is sickness.
But there does not have to be disease of the soul
Yes, there is even death.
But there can always be a rebirth of love.
Wake to the choices you make as to how to live now.
Today, breathe.
Listen, behind the factory noises of your panic
The birds are singing again
The sky is clearing,
Spring is coming,
And we are always encompassed by Love.
Open the windows of your soul
And though you may not be able
to touch across the empty square,

--Fr. Richard Hendrick