Monday, May 30, 2016

Leaders of Religious Education Conference

Last week the Principal and DRS attended the Catholic Diocese of Hamilton Leaders of Religious Education Conference held in Rotorua from 18-20 May. The theme of the conference was “School of Mercy.” Bishop Stephen Lowe talked about his vision of a Mercy School and issued a few challenges – Are we a school for the poor, the unloved, those with disabilities? Are we a school of Mercy? Where are we putting our focus?

The keynote speaker was Father Richard Leonard, SJ – a Jesuit priest from North Sydney. An accomplished speaker and author who delivered three amazing sessions based on his books “Where the hell is God?” “What are we doing of Earth for God’s sake?” and “Why bother Praying?”  Look him up on Youtube, he is well worth listening to.

Other presenters included Fr. Peter Murphy – Christian Meditation; Lynn Smith – Catholic Social Teaching; Shelly Fitness – First Time Principal and Bruce Drysdale – Bringing school liturgies alive.