Wednesday, June 1, 2016

St Patrick’s School Taupo held a Helping Hands Kitchen Day on the 31st of May with great success!


Helping Hands is a group within the school community that provide support for school families going through significant events or stressful/tough times, such as a new baby, bereavement, family member in hospital or injured and unable to cook meals or those in need.  It is a PTFA pastoral care initiative about families helping each other though hard times.  

A school Mufti Day was held on the Friday prior to the event where families were asked to donate meat and/or a grocery item instead of the usual gold coin. On the Kitchen Day 20+ parents/parishioners came to help cook in the school hall for part or all of the day 8am-3pm.  This amazing team produced; 17 Shepherd’s Pies, 26 Sausage Casseroles, 11 Bolognese, 15 Pumpkin Soup, 22 Beef Casseroles and 13 trays of Roast Veggies. There is still some meals being cooked at homes and extra donated meat and veggies that will be cooked later.   
Helping Hands are very grateful for the generosity of everyone who contributed.  Last Sunday’s reading about the loaves and fishes was very apt. We will share abundantly!

by Bronwyn McKay