Friday, June 23, 2017

St Patrick's celebration of the God Strand.

St Patrick’s celebration of the
God Strand
Thursday 29 June 5:30-6:30pm in the Church foyer
Everyone welcome

Each class will be displaying artwork or presenting items based on what they have been learning in RE on the God Strand.  Please come and see what we have been up to.  Tea and coffee will be served.

Programme for the night
5:30pm Welcome and prayer
Pikorua Hub Song
Room 11 Drama
Room 9 & 10 Song
Room 12 interactive activities

 Feel free to wander and talk to teachers and students about what they have been learning

Mary, the Mother of God - Writing

Mary the Mother of God
By Georgia

Mary is a kind, responsible and caring girl, she was a Jewish girl. Joachim and Ann were her parents. She was a hard working child. Her day included grinding wheat, making bread, washing clothes, sweeping and cooking.

When she was 14  she was promised to Joseph who was a carpenter. While engaged to Joseph she  had a visit from Angel Gabriel. The Angel came to ask Mary if she would be the Mother of God, Mary said, “Yes.” Soon Mary was pregnant. At the same time Mary's cousin Elizabeth was pregnant with John  the Baptist. Some of the words that Elizabeth said to Mary are now a part of the Hail Mary. Later on in Mary's life Joseph and Mary had to be registered for a census. When they had been registered they went to try and find a place to sleep, but the only free place was a stable. That was where baby Jesus was born. When Jesus was born they wrapped him in swaddling clothes.

The first people to know that Jesus was born where the shepherds that were on the hill side. When they found out he was born they sang,  “Glory to God.”  A little while later three men from the East came to Jesus with gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh.  Later on that night they found out that Herod was making plans to kill Jesus. Mary, Joseph fled with Jesus  into the night to be safe.

Later on in Jesus’ life he went missing for three days so Mary was very stressed out. Finally they found him at a temple. At the temple he was being taught to speak, pray, recite psalms and to be kind and caring. When Jesus got back from the temple he was taught how to be a carpenter by Joseph. Later on in Jesus’ life Joseph died. It was very hard for Mary because being a single Mum is never easy.

Ten years later Mary and Jesus went to a wedding in Cana. At the wedding they ran out of wine so Mary asked Jesus to help, and like any good son, he did.  That was when his first miracle happened, turning the water into wine.

Next Jesus left home to begin his ministry. We don't actually know if Mary went with Jesus when he was doing his ministry. But Mary was sad and worried about him being rejected by his own people. When Jesus was about in his early thirties he had his passover meal with his disciples and Mary.

At that time Mary knew that there were enemies plotting to destroy Jesus. The next day she watched Jesus die on the cross. A few days later her grief turned to joy  when she heard and saw Jesus had risen. Mary witnessed the birth, death and resurrection of her son.

Mary was a loving, kind and devoted mother. She loved God and God loved her. We can pray to Mary to help us in times of need and we should try to follow her ways.

Journey to the Cross - Writing

I am nail!
By Hamiora

It was cold and dark. We were miserable. We are the iron. We have gone through so much pain and agony just to be nailed to wood. We start to get warmer, we soon realise we're moving. Then suddenly light filled the small area. We saw something grab my friend. We watched horrified as he screamed and wiggled to get free. We hear the loud bang, bang, bang! Then I was grabbed. I tried so hard to escape but couldn't.  I looked down and saw my friend in someone's foot struggling to breathe, but he was alive. Then suddenly bang, bang, bang! I screamed in pain and almost black out. I feel blood. I fainted knowing what happened.

Journey to the Cross - Writing

When the crown becomes Jesus
By Cambell

Suddenly I feel the edge of a sharp blade slash through my skin. People picking me up. Weaving me together to form a crown. Then I see Jesus. They push me onto his head. I feel my thorns pierce his skin. His blood slowly trickles down his face. His pain is unbearable. My sadness is overwhelming.

Room 11 celebrate Mother's Day with a liturgy and high tea. Presenting their mothers with prayer cards and gifts of soap bombs they had made. The students also made the food for the high tea. It was a great way for them to thank their mothers for all they do.

Room 11 makes Mother's Day gifts for Taupo and Turangi parishes.

Teachers attend Fr. Richard Leonard Professional Development Day in Hamilton during school holidays.