Monday, July 2, 2018

St Patrick's school celebrates the Holy Spirit Strand and presents their learning at the annual Parent/Parish evening last Tuesday night.

The annual Parent/Parish evening was a great success where the children were able to showcase their learning about the Holy Spirit Strand at their level. After the liturgy, run by the Y7/8 students, we had Pikorua Hub sing several songs - Holy Spirit Rock, and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Then followed a video by Timata and Room 1 children who each told us what the Holy Spirit meant to them. Room 12's drama of Pentecost was followed by Room 9 &10 singing "Holy Spirit fill Me Up". The end of night finished with Room 11's game show - Who wants to be a millionaire? with all the questions based on the Year 7 Holy Spirit Strand. We would like to thank the adults contestants who were happy to put themselves out there to try and answer the questions. 
It was a great night and the amazing artwork will stay in the church foyer for the next few weeks.

Y7/8 Young Vinnies present Msgr Trevor with a box of toiletries for the homeless.