Friday, April 10, 2020

Msgr Trevor used the following three pieces of writing from our Y7/8 students as part of his Good Friday homily.

The Crucifixion of Jesus from a different perspective

By Misha

I was lifted from the cold damp floor. I could hear the shouts of nearby people. We reached the peak of Skull Hill. There was a strange man laid on a cross, above his head was a sign. Saying INRI “Jesus of Nazareth, king of Jews”. Fright came over me. As I was lowered to the hand of my saviour I could see marks of pain covering his body. Trying to push against the powerful forge, it was no use. I pierced through his healing hands, I tasted his bittersweet blood. I knew the world would be forever changed. I am nail!

By Susannah

Slowly, the guard holding me proceeded up the hill of Crucifixion to perform a brutal task. We were about to witness the tragedy of death. Usually,  after someone was crucified I was thrust into their side, to guarantee their death. We arrived at the top. I watched as the man on the cross, cried out, then lowered his head. The light left his eyes. Suddenly, I was drawn back then thrust into the skin. My owner dropped to his knees, realizing that he had witnessed the death of Christ. I felt numb, as I dropped onto the sin-ridden gravel below. I am lance!

By Katie

I felt a cold hand grab me out of a container. It was so cold I started to freeze! I’m flipped around on my head. Suddenly, I felt something striking my head, making it boiling hot. While my head was pounding my dark grey sharp and pointy foot was slowly going through something. It was like quicksand, I just kept sinking into it. Pop! Bones broke!  Blood ran down my iron body. A massive loud crack split the air. I was through the other side. I had pierced someone’s wrist! I am nail!